• The noxious radiation received and emitted from mobile phones, tablets (iPads), laptops, cordless phones, hands free devices and Bluetooth headsets, while in use, or when placed in a pocket or handbag, creates electromagnetic stress on all humans and especially children. As soon as someone is near or touches a mobile device, they may be immediately under electromagnetic stress. This includes babies, children, teenagers and adults. Even being near a mobile phone may cause electromagnetic stress on the body i.e. the phone could be nearby sitting on a desk or table. QuantoGram HoloGuard Phone Radiation Harmonizer, rather than blocking signals, resonates at a healthy, frequency that neutralizes the potentially harmful, positive charge field around a portable wireless (Wi/Fi) device i.e. mobile phone, DECT/cordless phones, laptops, tablets, portable Wi/Fi Hotspot devices and Wi/Fi modems, which may neutralize the harmful resonant effect on human organs and meridians. HoloGuard Phone Radiation Harmonizer is unique in its ability to potentially provide further electronic EMF protection from the effects of other EMR fields. The most frequent complimentary feedback our customers give, is the relief from the discomfort they experienced while talking on the mobile phone to their ear for a prolonged period. This is commonly known as “Hot Head Syndrome”. Our Harmonizer is flexible and universal in its use, meaning it can be used on all devices including compound curves of different devices i.e. a DECT phone and Wifi Routers.
  • SafeHouse provides you and your family protection for your whole house and office from various electrical smogs caused by Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). All electrical equipment, wiring lighting (especially fluorescent and LED lights), External WIFI signals, Bluetooth, Wifi routers, TVs, computers, microwaves and especially stronger digital signals from many sources are responsible for dangerously increasing EMF levels.
  • Rectangular shungite phone plate to attach to mobile phone or other gadgets for EMF protection Made of polished regular shungite Easy to attach Shape: rectangular Size: 40х30х5 mm Weight: 12 grams Shungite for mobile phones Mobile phones are the most frequently used source of electromagnetic radiation. It is widely recognized that EMFs created by phones are even more dangerous because of the high intensity of transmitted electromagnetic waves and their proximity to the head. Studies have shown that when you hold your mobile phone up to your ear, up to 80% of radiation penetrates into your brain. To protect yourself from EMF you just need to attach a small shungite plate or sticker to your phone. You can tape it also to your tablet, or any other device.