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Shelly is a qualified aesthetic practitioner specialising in cosmetic aesthetic treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and lip enhancement.  Her specialist area of interest is skincare, hyper pigmentation, and scarring and she offers some of the very best treatments available.

Through her connections as a former model and dancer, Shelly now provides skin care, advice, and non-surgical aesthetic treatments for TV Personalities; Sports and Television Stars; Actors; Models and Dancers. She has travelled extensively, gaining knowledge of various cultures and trends from around the globe.

Possessing an artistic talent, combined with being ambidextrous, Shelly has the skill to work in a balanced and controlled manner to carry out procedures expertly.

Shelly prides herself on providing a natural look for her clients and offers many alternatives to conventional methods and products. She favours the use of natural products free from harsh chemicals.

As a raw foodist and through her ongoing study of nutrition, Shelly is able to offer her clients a more holistic approach to deliver a unique and special service.

Consultant Dermatologist Dr John Ashworth MB ChB MD FRCP provides all aspects of dermatology including skin surgery in our fully equipped minor surgical operating theatre.

Conditions include: skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and rosacea. Treatments include: skin surgery, laser surgery, photodynamic therapy treatment (PDT), skin tag and thread vein removal, and all major dermatological treatments.

Dr Ashworth is registered with the General Medical Council and is currently the Lead NHS Consultant Dermatologist, Specialist Advisory Committee to JCHMT, Royal College of Physicians, British Association of Dermatologist website committee member, MRCSF Medical Research Council Special Fellow.