Skinboosters Training

Skinboosters™ training is ideal for those practitioners wanting to offer a more subtle look for their clients and is the ultimate solution for the finer lines and wrinkles which may be difficult to treat with heavier hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Fabulous for the younger client who notices the first signs of ageing and wants skin tightening without overfilling, and perfect for the older client wanting to achieve a more natural look or subtle rejuvenation of the face, lips, décolletage, and hands without over volumising.

Skinboosters™ allow more accuracy of treatment so it is a great treatment for the less experienced practitioner to learn as the delivery of filler is controlled by the device not the practitioner, and it is excellent for the more experienced practitioner looking for alternative solutions for those difficult to treat areas.

Our Skinboosters™ training covers the theory and practical demonstrations together with closely supervised hands on learning using hyaluronic acid Skinboosters™ in order to provide appropriate treatment for indication of:

  • Chin dimpling

  • Décolletage

  • Forehead

  • Glabella

  • Hands

  • Lip Rejuvenating

  • Marionettes

  • Neck

  • Open pores

  • Peri-oral lines

  • Peri-ocular lines

  • Skin texture problems

Skinboosters Training Course

Our course provides the highest standard of service, knowledge, and practice for you to gain the experience and confidence to carry out treatment effectively.

The course includes a portfolio of course materials, including: history, consent, and post-treatment record forms; and a certificate of attendance.

The course will include the following topics:


  • Facial anatomy & physiology

  • Ageing skin

  • Indications for use – including areas of treatment, dosage

  • Device selection appropriate to client

  • Effectiveness of treatment – including variance of needle, depth

  • Complications – including handling adverse reactions

  • Treatment planning – including appropriate combining of further treatment options

Carrying out a Consultation

  • Client assessment – including client medical history, drugs, and supplements

  • Skin analysis and pre-treatment considerations

  • Contraindications and cautions to treatment

  • Importance of informed consent

  • Product selection

Demonstration and Practice Session

  • Client preparation for treatment – including use of topical anaesthesia

  • Handling adverse reactions & use of hyalaise

  • Importance of describing the sensation of treatment to clients

  • Pain management

  • Distraction techniques

  • Appropriate use of needles and cannulas

  • Effective treatment techniques

  • Product handling and storage

  • Health and safety management: including asepsis, safe handling of bodily fluids, and equipment management and disposal

  • Number and frequency of treatments

  • Handling complaints

Treatment Records

  • Maintaining client records

  • Importance of pre and post photographs

  • Post treatment advice

  • Indemnity insurance

Benefits of Training with us

  • Unbiased, independent training – exposing the myths to help you avoid being seduced by marketing claims
  • Training carried out by health professionals, not sales people
  • Trainee chooses preferred equipment, product, device, and/or skincare – we help you with your choice – and order, saving you time and money
  • Training available week days, Saturday, or Sunday to accommodate parents who may find it easier for child care and those who prefer the flexibility of days
  • Bespoke courses can be delivered in-house at your chosen venue/home/clinic, therefore, no need to travel
  • Choice of one-to-one or small group sessions
  • Practical hands on experience with 1 or 2 models
  • Marketing tips included in our courses
  • Ongoing unlimited support and time following training – no expiry
  • Trainers are friendly and approachable health professionals, with experience in dermatology and nutrition
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Comprehensive history, consent, and record forms are provided free to trainees
  • Course includes a portfolio of course materials, a goody bag, and a certificate of attendance
  • Links and information are provided regarding products and suppliers where you can open accounts, and discounts – only available to those Beaumed trained
  • Consolidate training

  • Insurance recognised, approved, and accredited training course

Entry Requirements

It is advisable to check with your insurance company for entry criteria before embarking on the course.  Our course is recognised andaccredited by Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance.

A basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, infection control, moving & handling, wounds, asepsis, and health & safety are required prior to taking the course.

The minimum age for entry to the course is 18 years.

Each candidate will agree to promote a responsible attitude to health and safety and cooperate with others in maintaining a safe environment throughout their training.

Course duration: 1 Day

Course Cost

£895 + vat per person

There is a charge of £100.00 + vat p/p for receptionist /colleague /student / marketing personnel etc. wishing to sit in on the course (theory only – no practical, however, a certificate of theory will be provided).  This is useful knowledge for those promoting/selling treatments on behalf of a clinic/group of companies as marketing/selling tips will be covered in the course.

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